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[海外留學面試]港籍顧問親自示範 美國研究所KIRA Interview如何回答!影片+文稿

很多在申請美國研究所的人,都會碰到Kira Interview,相信這對大家是一個挑戰!所以今天請到顧問Jeremy來幫我們示範一個Kira Interview熱門的問題!

如果你還不知道什麼Kira Interview,趕快用這篇美國研究所超紅面試系統Kira Interview,必讀的完整介紹!來惡補一下吧

問題:How do you work under pressure? (你在壓力下如何工作?)



For me a big source of stress usually comes from having to complete many different tasks within the same limited timeframe. There was one time during my work as an intern here where I had to complete three written assignments and a presentation. So four tasks within three days for me.  I tend to be someone who naturally over I tend to be someone who naturally over that the task is as perfect as possible. But in reality when you have different tasks that you have to complete at the same time, that's not always possible. So what I've learned to do to manage and reduce my stress is to give the minimum amount start with the minimum amount of time that's required to finish or just complete each task doesn't have to be perfect. And then from there if I can tell that it's half may take more mental effort. I will add a couple more minutes or maybe even an hour at the end to make sure that I have enough time to finish this to a quality that I’m personally satisfying with.

了解Kira Interview的重要性,千萬不要讓這一步讓你上不了夢想學校!

如果你想要更了解Kira Interview,




謝謝你的閱讀。 Have a nice day!

Rachel Tu

Director of Thrive English



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