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When designing the class, I thought of the most common mistakes that Taiwanese people make when speaking English. I asked myself, "How can I help them see what's really important to a native speaker, not just a test or exam?" 

I noticed how many Taiwanese worry about their vocabulary! But for native English speakers, we don't care much about this. Instead of memorizing useless, fancy words for tests, just practice using the words you already know! 

I've noticed how in Taiwan, people give presentations talk about what they think is important, without checking in to see what their partner thinks about the topic. For example, if my partner wants to tell me about the NBA last night, but I've never played basketball before, how can he use words like "lay-up" or "technical foul" or "free throw" if I don't know or don't care to learn about them?


So, I train students to first consider their audience. Who are they talking to--NBA stars, kids learning basketball, or someone who doesn't know what a "travel" is? By first assessing and connecting with your audience, you can turn a boring presentation into an engaging, entertaining talk that lights up your listener's minds.

In class, I've included both general communication skills as well as technical English tips focused on vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar. Students tend to ask about the technical parts, but as a native English speaker and teacher, I want to teach the life-changing skills you won't get anywhere else.

Green Board

(共6堂; 1 堂/週;每堂70分鐘)

Class 1 Who's Your Audience?

In western culture, it's very common to introduce yourself to others. Self-introduction could range from for strangers to job interviews. In this class, you'll learn how to present yourself to different audience which means you'll also learn how to read your audience.

Class 4 Miscommunication

Everyone thinks differently, even if you're from the same family. Talking with people from different cultures can easily create miscommunication moments. We can't avoid it so how do we deal with it? In this class, you'll learn to ask CLARIFICATION questions to untangle these moments and protect your relationships!

Class 2 Know Your Purpose

If you've ever read English essays, you'll notice that every paragraph starts with a topic sentence. In English, people are expected to know your WHY before you say anything and topic sentence serves this purpose. In this class, you'll learn how to share your WHY and connecting ideas clearly.

Class 5 50 MIN Meetup
In this 50 minutes, you'll get personal feedback and check-in on your presentation prep from our consultant! This is a one-on-one meetup.
Class 6  Presentation Delivery
Class 3 What to Say, When to Say It

Have you ever felt persuaded by someone? You might be thinking I just can't help myself believing. In this class, you'll learn about Ethos, Pathos, Logos, three key elements making you persuasive.

This is going to be a big day in your week! You'll be using what you've learned from previous learned to present a topic that you're interested in. It might sound scary but our consultant and other students will cheer you up and you will be proud of yourself when it's done!
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(共6堂; 1 堂/週;每堂70分鐘)

     1  人
     2 人
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*會員: 成為會員代表你加入了我們創新英文口說(大團班)。

*試上: 我們沒有提供上。 但是, 我們有免費諮詢! 來認識老師

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